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All My Feels: Mass Effect Update

For Those Who Are Living Vicariously Through My Playthrough.

Welcome to All My Feels, update number one. I've completely blown through this game. I started it on Tuesday. As of right now, I've completed Noveria, Feros, and saved Liara. I have also done a bunch of side quests. I think my current level is like 32? I don't remember at the moment. My FemShep, whose name is Delilah, is now a Commando Infiltrator. I love me some sniper rifles. I've finally gotten some good armor and upgrades so I no longer die on every single freaking mission. But I have a feeling that the story is coming to an end soon, which both saddens and excites me.


I know I'll have to choose between Ashley and Kaidan. For this playthrough, I have ultimately decided that Kaidan must be the one to be sacrificed. I decided this because 1) I'll romance him in another playthrough, and obviously I will want to keep him alive then, and 2) I have accidentally been flirting with him. I can't lead him on if he's dead! So I will have to deal with Ashley in this playthrough, but that's okay. I'll be too busy swooning over Garrus.

I've since taken more of a liking to Garrus. It took me a little while to warm up to him, but I definitely want to romance him now over Kaidan. He's just more interesting, I find. And he thanked me for taking him on the ship and I totally squeed at that. He's always the first person I talk to on the ship and I can't wait to romance him in the next game.

My favorite character, however, is Wrex. He's hilarious. His dialogue while he's in your squad is amazing, and I always find his stories the most interesting. He is my favorite to talk to and I'm going to be sad when I won't have him in my squad again.


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