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Welcome To The Bitchery
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All My Feels: Update Number Three

Welcome back to All My Feels! Currently in the game I have putting off the Reaper IFF mission for forever. I've completed all loyalty mission quests, gotten all regular game squad members, gotten all relevant upgrades, completed all the side missions I had, and I even explored the crash site of the Normandy. At this point in time, my question is if I should put off the IFF mission more and do the DLC, or be lazy and impatient and just go ahead and do the IFF mission now like I want to? Am I missing anything amazing and spectacular by being lazy and not getting Zaeed and Kasumi?


Also, I spoiled the ending of this game for myself because I WANT EVERYONE TO LIVE DAMN IT. I want to know the best way of doing all this (I researched end game guides to determine how I should pick my squad members) to prevent as many deaths as possible, including the crew's. From what I understand, once I get the IFF I can get Legion, and since I literally have no missions left I can get Legion's loyalty mission immediately, do that, and then the abduction happens. And once that happens I am on the story rails for the rest of the game.

I reeeaaallly want to be lazy and just go ahead and do the IFF, since I have everyone (except Legion) and they're all loyal. I don't really feel like going through more missions, I've made all my friends and introvert me feels uncomfortable going to parties where there will be characters I don't know. I just want a quiet night in with Garrus killing Collectors together, k?

So can anyone tell me about the DLC characters? Are they worth doing more missions for?


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