Has anyone ever been in a situation where someone refuses to believe that you don't like the things that they like? Because my girlfriend, no matter how hard I try to get her to understand, refuses to accept that I just do not enjoy certain things. No matter how much I tell her otherwise, she can't get it through her head that my introversion is not some fucking character defect, for one thing (probably because, unlike a lot of introverts, I'm not inept or quiet in social situations). She seems to think the fact that I find social situations draining to be something I'll fucking grow out of. Or something.

That, however, is not the current problem. The current situation revolves around the fact that she can't accept the idea that I just hate nature. She seems to think that it's just because I'm "not giving it a chance" and that if I "kept an open mind," I'd actually like hideously miserable experiences like hiking or camping.

I especially hate going to the beach (not as much as camping, I should specify). Hate it with every passionate fiber of my being. I hate being out in the sun and possibly getting burned, I hate going in the water because of a completely irrational fear of marine wildlife, and most of all, I fucking HAAAAAAAAAAATE sand (insert your Anakin Skywalker joke here) in a way that I don't hate anything else on the planet (and I hate a lot of things). So guess what I basically got guilt-tripped into doing from this evening until Friday? GOING TO THE FUCKING BEACH WITH HER FRIENDS! YAY! Combine this with the fact that after 6 hours around my girlfriend's friend, her husband, and their 6-month old baby (the other people who will be there), I already want to kill myself (and I'm going to be stuck there for three days - there's maybe five people on the planet who can stand to be around for three days straight), and you have basically the Thing In the World That I Least Want to Do. Oh, there's also the fact that I fucking DESPISE coastal Carolina thanks to my first two years in college - bad memories make it possibly my least favorite place in the universe (seriously, war-torn Somalia sounds like a more fun tourist destination than the fucking Outer Banks). And then I'm busy doing something else I really don't fucking want to do on Saturday. JOY TO THE GODDAMN WORLD.

The worst part of this fucking trip is that it got sprung on me. My girlfriend and her friend were already in North Carolina when they found out that her friend's husband had the rest of the week off work and so planned to join them. So OF COURSE her first reaction is "try to get Ubertrout to come" and then we spent the past day dancing back and forth across the line of whether I'd come or not. I tried fucking everything to get out of this in a way that I wouldn't feel like she was holding it against me; I even offered, as an alternative, three days (consecutive or separated) at any point where I'd do whatever activity she wanted without complaint, including hiking - she still didn't go for it. Ultimately, I decided to go, because either way, one of us is going to be miserable and disappointed, and better that its me than her. Plus, after making it clear that she really, really wanted me there, I was going to feel guilty as shit if I didn't come (damn you, Jewish susceptibility to guilt).

I leave in four hours. I hate everything.

PS. "You should just not go because you don't want to" comments are not helpful. I appreciate the sentiment, but no. There is far more wrapped up in this than just "what I want."

Edit: Ok, the worst part of this now is that she keeps saying things like, "I'm so excited for you to be here!" now. I don't know if she's trying to fish for me to say something positive about it in return, but it isn't going to fucking happen. I realize she's not TRYING to taunt me...but she's fucking taunting me.