Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Later this week Little GV’s dad and I have to go see about a stalking order. His last ex (about whom I’ve posted) has a screw loose and has been doing anything she can to stay in touch with Little. This is something Little has repeatedly said she doesn’t want and she’s successfully blocked her everywhere now. There’s nothing physical and Little GV isn’t in any danger. She’s just creeped the fuckout.

Something happened between Little GV and one of her friends last week. Kiddo says she told a few friends about The Thing, but it wasn’t particularly juicy and it isn’t like anybody’s gossiping about it. CRAZY LADY MESSAGED THE FRIEND ABOUT IT!!! “I’m sorry to hear about you and Little GV.” Nobody is connected to this woman and we can’t figure out how she knows. She stalks me on FB, but I have my security tight (I didn’t post about it, anyway). I texted a bunch with Little when The Thing happened, but I didn’t say anything to anyone outside the house (not out of a need to keep it secret, there just isn’t any reason to go on about it).


Has she hacked my phone? I honestly wouldn’t put it past her and her boyfriend is in IT (programming, I think), so it’s within the realm of possibility. Also, she does have my phone number.

This is just way beyond normal behavior and I can’t understand it.

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