I'm going to blather on about Peeta and the Hunger Games. Skip if you haven't seen it. :)

It dawned on me last night as I was leaving the theater that I *get* why now they have Liam Hemsworth playing Gale and Josh Hutcherson playing Peeta. There was just so much criticism in the media last year when the Hunger Games came out that Jennifer Lawrence had so much more chemistry with Hemsworth than she did with Hutcherson; however, I now think that was an active and perfect choice by the casting director, Debra Zane.

See, the thing is, in the first movie - you love Gale. You fall in love with him right away, he's gorgeous and strong and cares for Katniss and this Peeta guy is kind of milktoasty at best. (I mean, seriously, his talent is cake decorating.) It's not until the second movie (and frankly the second book), when Peeta shows his love for Katniss isn't just a ploy, that you actually start to believe this love triangle.

This is why I think the casting choice for Hutcherson was perfect. If they had flipped the rolls (like some were calling for) - this choice between Peeta and Gale in the movies would be a no brainer and we'd have no believable love triangle.

Sorry, had to blather about the movie as I loved it. Katniss's PTSD is obviously showing much more, the other Tributes were perfect and I adored Effie Trinket's costuming (the butterfly dress!) The whole thing was just amazing.