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Welcome To The Bitchery

All protein diet?

Morning all. I have been trying to lose some pounds (I know, worst time of the year but I’m so uncomfortable right now.) lately but nothing seems to be working.


I have a friend who is a body builder and he said try an all protein diet. Only eat strict protein every three hours. I’m allowed to incorporate greens but zero fruit and zero white foods - carbs. I’ve started up at the gym again after my foot broke about a month ago but I can only do the stationary bike for 20 min. max before it gets sensitive. My doc said no more than that for now so I’m worried about not burning calories. Body builder guy also said one does not even have to exercise on an all protein diet and the weight will melt off. I’m pretty skeptical about all that but I’m looking for any tips or experiences from you guys. Thanks!

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