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Welcome To The Bitchery

Cause you know the same rich people cheating on their taxes would screech for days if they found out an immigrant making 26k/yr owed a couple thousand. They would grandstand on the senate floor about how some single mom who made a math error is ruining our country by “not paying her fair share.” Meanwhile DONALD TRUMP only paid 25%. Which means he could have paid MILLIONS MORE. And people are letting him off the hook. Why? Cause you feel that’s not the worst he did? And because “all rich people do it” ? That is no excuse. Think about how demonized regular citizens are for not paying their taxes. Think about how the IRS can ruin your fucking life if you make under 100k. That’s clearly not happening with the oligarchs in this country, and IT IS A BIG DEAL. 

And I can’t even tonight with the Trumper stupidity about how “Well he still paid a lot.” Even the White House is pushing that narrative. That’s no excuse for not paying your fair share. I’m so tired of the weakness in this country when it comes to rich vs poor. Poor people just don’t seem to give a fuck that they’re being robbed blind. And I’m sorry, but after 30+ years of being a “temporarily inconvenienced millionaire” don’t you think some of those people would wake up? You’re never going to be rich! So why do you protect them!?


All the money they steal from the population and economy, is money that doesn’t go back. They horde it. They horde assets. Putin sucked Russia dry and that’s why he’s turned his attention outward. That POS is basically using an entire country’s military to enrich himself. For all intents and purposes, he is a king. Not a president. And that’s what Trump models himself after.

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