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All Right -- What Happened to the Tree?

Guys. You guys.






Where did it go?

Who took it?

Is it still alive?

Is it being held hostage?

Since they remain obdurately silent in the wake of persistent inquiry from the French press – who certainly noticed its absence (because they do notice these things) – after they gave out their usual yip yap (“quarantine”? – really? really, SHS?? you haven’t had enough of being put on blast for being a Lying Liar Who Lies because your boss puts you out on the front line to take the slings & arrows that would’ve been for him if he hadn’t clung to his own “tradition” of disappearing behind a woman every single time he can’t take the political heat for which he himself lit the actual fuse?), we still don’t know what really happened to it – whether they chopped it down and buried it in the dead of night, or whether it’s being held in a private detention center somewhere.


No guess what it means for the Iran deal, either – or the Paris climate accords.


So many questions.



I can’t believe I already have two pieces with the “THIEVERY” tag on them in the last week.

Then I remember the Orange Occupant is in the White House.


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