I've hit that age where a lot of my friends are married and they're having babies. Not counting the people on facebook that I knew in college and am still "friends" with for no reason, I know 8 pregnant women right now. They're all due between late February and July. I don't need to do gifts for a lot of them them, as they aren't close friends, but there will be some baby gifting going on in late spring. I look forward to wandering the baby aisles without my husband complaining that we have no reason to look at baby things yet.

Honestly, I'm torn between being excited for my friends and really, really jealous. If my husband hadn't changed his mind about trying this year, I could be on the list of people due in the summer. That was originally our plan, then he changed it. Now it looks like we won't even begin trying until late spring. So my friends will all be having babies, and I'll be happy/sad.