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1. I have been O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with Welcome to Night Vale lately and that will basically take up the majority of this post, so if a. you haven’t listened to WTNV you should go do so right away, or flounce off forever.

2. Dylan Marron as Carlos is a perfect human being and all of his recordings are delightful, and I would want to marry him if his marriage to Cecil wasn’t perfect and wonderful and I could just be a creepy voyeur who ships them silently.

3. I’ve been lurking on Cecil Baldwin’s instagram (because thirst for content) and he is disturbingly attractive and I can’t do anything with these feels besides be awkward about it but that’s ok.


4. SO BASICALLY MY PERVERT SELF would pay all the dollars to watch Cecil and Carlos bang it out and IM SURE IM NOT THE ONLY ONE LETS HAVE SOME VOYEUR SEX NIGHT VALE THANX

5. i love you all please feel free to vent your own nonsense angst garbage

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