Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I have had a bad few days. My husband is becoming increasingly flagrant about posting lovey-dovey shit on facebook to his girlfriend (despite still denying that he's having an affair) and I discovered yesterday that he opened a credit card in my name, without my knowledge, charged it to the limit and has not made any payments. This, on top of all the other reasons I'm trying to get a divorce. I can't kick him out of the house until I get another job that will enable me to pay all of the bills and the house payment without help, and calling the police about the identity theft is a pretty hard-core step that I'm not sure I can take yet. YET.


So, I am practicing smiling nicely and pretending I don't know just how much of an asshole he is being, and just how awful everything is. But my level of stress and impatience is nearly unbearable at this point. Besides which, I haven't had sex in MONTHS and I'm beginning to suspect that the second I am legally "free" I will rip the pants off the first unsuspecting male I see and ride him like a crazed she-beast. Which may be a bad idea. Maybe.

But, hey, I have an interview tomorrow afternoon, so maybe by next week I'll have a new job and be so much closer to getting this emotionally abusive drug addict out of my life. (And possibly humping a stranger's leg like a dog.)

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