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ALL the layers of stuff...aka Makeup-ish post

So, how many layers of healing potion shit do you put on your face a day? I recently added in this Olay tone perfecting spot treatment stuff that my friend *swears* by. I figured, “sure, why not?”

So, here’s my so not fancy/and some fancy line up of crap-I-throw-on-my-face-a-day:

-face wash (doesn’t really count...) Usually Cetaphil

-pimple cream (something inexpensive like clearasil)

-The Olay tone perfecting luminosity unicorn shit

-Clinique dramatically different lotion stuff (got it on sale at Ulta)

-Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation (my big splurge)

-Nars concealer (not all that impressed to be honest-but another splurge)

-And some powder (covergirl or Rimmel stay matte powder)

Because I’ve been using the Clinique stuff and now Olay, I haven’t been using the Cetaphil SPF lotion. I LOOOVE SPF so I need to start working that back in.


So, yeah, that’s the base of my makeup and doesn’t include all the blah blah like mascara and eyeliner, and eyeshadow and blush. ACTUALLY, today, I wore NO makeup to work. No makeup days are usually reserved for weekends and such. Felt very freeing, I must say.

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