GT, there are always so many little random things that I want to pick your brain on. Many seem too silly to make a whole post about, but I have so many questions for you! So without further ado, here are all the random things I've always wanted to know.

1) Who knows anything about refinancing a car loan? I got one a year ago at an insane interest rate knowing my credit was going to improve and that I could refi this year at a better rate.

2) What type of geranium or chamomile essential oil is best? I love the smell, but there seem to be a bunch of varieties that range from like 7 or 8 dollars of each to like 30 dollars of each. Do they all smell the same?

3) Whats the best way to get latex paint out of clothes? The internet recommends hairspray - I tried with straight rubbing alcohol, and it doesnt seem to work. Will straight up paint thinner ruin my clothes? (these are jeans, not anything too delicate).

4) Does anyone make their own bath salts? I'm just starting to, and it seems super easy, but I'm basically messing around with various combos of epsom, coarse sea salt, essential oils, and carrier oil if anyone has any recommendations of ratios!

5) What shampoo am I supposed to be using? I use like the moderately decent stuff - Loreal Clear, I think, it's like $5- but I keep hearing rumors about no sulfates? I have pretty normal hair and I wash once, maybe twice a week. Right now it feels like it dries out a little when I wash and looks the best 2-3 days after washing before getting oily. Subquestion: Dry shampoo?


I feel like there were SO MANY MORE even.

In pre-emptive gratitude, I leave you with this. Click here to generate your own doge weather report!!