So I realized that I haven't been groupthinking in a while and I kind of left some important details hanging.

-My husband came back, we're working on it and HE STARTED TAKING HIS GODDAMNED PAXIL AND WE ARE GOING TO THERAPY. It's through my school and free, but we're on a waiting list. Womp womp womp.

-Also, he feels better. At his follow-up appointment we found out that his gallbladder was essentially eating itself?

-School and work have been kicking my ass.

-Weather change has triggered a minor depressive episode. NBD.

-My period is ungodly early. My cycle is usually in between 32-35 days. It's been 21, WTF AUNT FLO.


-I have made the decision to start drinking less in an effort to save money and lose weight and I am getting an e-cig on Thursday.

-Also, my halloween costume is awesome, but all I have are drunk pictures, so here you go:


Before drunkzilla happened: