Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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All the things I've learned trying to date through Craigslist

  • Guys be creepy, and the ones who respond with florid, women-on-pedestals language are somehow the creepiest
  • Guys be lazy—one sentence responses to my paragraphs-filled ad? No thanks
  • A photo only is not enough to get my interest
  • The same guy will respond to your ad multiple times with the exact same response and photo
  • Some men get real pissed off that a fat woman has the gall to have standards/expectations and clearly state them...and will let you know
  • Some will say “I have skype” when you ask for a photo—for fucks sake, how do you not have a photo ready for this shit? I don’t want to skype with you.
  • If you’re emailing with someone, stop responding immediately to see their reaction—it’s very telling.
  • All ads will get flagged within 4 hours if posted after 8am; posted after 8pm earns a few more hours

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