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All the Warm Feels = TIME TO DANCE

Guys, seriously. This has been a day for warm fuzzy feelings. First I wake up (late, I admit) to see that our very own Burt had finally staged a takeover of the main page, which, let's all just be honest, we've been waiting for now since forever. And I think, man, it's amazing how excited I can be for someone who I never met, but this is so freaking awesome!

Then, I read the post about our GT emergency fund, in which we are all pitching in to help other GTers who just get stuck and have no one to bail them out in emergency money times. We've all been there. And it's amazing that there are people on this community who care so much as to help each other out.

Therefore I request — nay, I demand — all the dancing gifs in a celebratory gif party, in honor of Burt and all of Groupthink!


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