Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

All The Whiny Feelings

  • It's hottttt, I've been trapped in this airless (Ok, the windows are all down) box all dayyyyy
  • I'm siiiiiiiiiiiick, with sneezes and coughing and a sore throat
  • I'm soooooober, and out of endrunkening supplies that would make The Sick over with
  • All my hair ties are broken because I have freakishly thick hair and also Bunny keeps stealing them
  • My human's sooooooooooooo grumpy because when he's hot he's sooooooooo grumpy
  • I'm poooooooor, because I spent half my budget for the week on the Renfest. We can certaintly get by, it's just I feel extra useless when I can't pay for foods for us.

A Good Thing:

My dal is delicious!

Another good thing:

All The Ice Cream. All Of It.

The Last Good Thing:

Showers wearing Shower Caps so I don't have to sleep with wet hair

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