Cheese. We love it. So many types! So many textures! So many flavors! Runny? Melty? CRUNCHY? Soft? Hard? (Though, never as stretchy as on a pizza in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cartoon.) I have, oh, approximately 9834023898423 types in my fridge right now.

What's your favorite? Why? (Haha, I know it's hard to explain love.) Do you have any sonnets? Songs?

My favorites are a tie between Leyden, a Dutch cheese with caraway seeds:

and Cotswold, with chopped onion and chives


Don't get me wrong. I will eat the shit out of some grocery store cheddar, or some spreadable Wispride cheese ball.


My favorite every day cheeses aren't something I can find in the midwest. I stock the hell up on Cabot when I go home.


Here's a link to the Carmel Cheese Shop, which will order ANY CHEESE IN THE WORLD for you. It was the source of all my cheese-buying needs when I lived out there. Note: I do not believe the site has been updated in over ten years. (That's not exactly true, because I can see some 2009 wines on there, but come on. I half expect twirly Geocities icons and music. If you click, you'll see what I mean.)