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Welcome To The Bitchery

Soooo my friend's wedding is Sunday, August 24th, and I am one of her bridesmaids. Therefore, I have certain duties to uphold throughout the wedding. Like you know, being there. The wedding reception doesn't start until 8pm and runs till 1Am. But the thing is, my first day of class at a brand new school is the next morning. The wedding venue is like 1.5 hours (maybe a little more) away from my house. I have no fucking idea what I'm going to do. We're going to stay overnight on Saturday nearby the venue. We're going to have to wake up from 6 or 7 am that Sunday, so we're going to be tired as hell by the end of the night. Also, I don't know what time my classes start on Monday the 25th because my school still hasn't given us our class schedule (in dental school, everyone has the same schedule so you don't register for your own classes or anything). Not to mention, I have a 50 minute train commute to get to school, so I have to factor that in as well.

Basically: what the fuck am I going to do? I'm going to be so tired the first day. I've been dreading this for the past few months, and it's kind of overshadowing my excitement for the wedding, which is shitty to say because I AM really happy for my friend. My mom has offered to drop me off and pick me up, but I can't expect that from her. She'll be driving like a 3.5 hour roundtrip to drop me off, and a 3.5 hour roundtrip to pick me up. I can't really take public transportation because I don't think there's anything that runs that late. I can't carpool with anyone because the only other bridesmaid who lives near me is going to stay overnight at a hotel and leave in the morning.


I think I would need to leave by like 11 pm the latest to drive back home, but that means I'd only be at the reception for like 3 hours. And then I'd feel bad...my friend knows all about this, but I thought the reception was until 12 AM, not 1 so I was like, "Oh, leaving an hour earlier isn't too bad!"

This was ramble-y, but hopefully it made sense. Hopefully everything works out with my sanity in place :\

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