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All's well that ends well I suppose (+ bonus landlord rant).

I thought I should follow up on my freak-out from the other day. My girlfriend's houseguest, S, came and went ... already (we dropped her off at the airport a few hours ago). Nothing significant happened. I barely even saw her given that I had to work the past few days, and when I work, I'm out of the house for 12 hours at a time. She was SO much nicer than when I first met her a few years ago, but it seems like she's gone through a lot of changes for the better in that time period. I actually kind of wish we could hang out with her again some time soon, but I don't how feasible that is since we're in California and she splits her time between Missouri and Alberta, Canada (long story).


Anyway, the biggest asshole in this whole situation was actually ... my landlord because of course he was. He has a rule that if we have a guest spending the night we have to tell him ahead of time, and we did tell him about S coming. However, he apparently berated my girlfriend (in front of S) because my girlfriend didn't tell our landlord's fiancee* about S. For one thing, I don't think the fiancee really cares about who stays with us as long as they don't trash things, and secondly, the landlord and the fiancee live together, and I feel like a houseguest is something he would have mentioned to her (?). I wasn't there to witness this exchange but I am in no way surprised. By the way, S only stayed with us for about 72 hours, and even she started complaining about our landlord being a douche. He really is a piece of work.

*I call him the landlord, but his fiancee is who our rent checks go to, so that should tell you everything about that relationship.

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