Whew. I'm taking this weights class to just fill a credit and it's easy and fun. Today me and a couple other folks were doing a circuit and towards the end I over-heated super bad, got super dizzy and almost puked. It hit super fast. I wasn't feeling anything out of the norm before it, but man was I out of it for I bit. It was just a few minutes before class when it hit and I quit the circuit and walked out. My vision started to go and I had to sit down in the lobby. I finally was able to walk the few steps to get outside in the cold and things immediately stared to clear up. I sat on a bench for 20 minutes recovering.

I dunno what happened. I wasn't dehydrated or anything and I've done plenty of circuits before just fine. At any rate, I'm using this as an excuse to not do anything the rest of the day. I think I'm gonna actually write a post on something that isn't the food I've made today or an update on my life today, haha.