Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Almost Friday Open Thread

I’ve realized that 3 day weekends throw me off. All week I’m just so confused about what day it is. I wouldn’t wan’t to give up 3 day weekends of course, it’s just disconcerting. Possibly I think holidays should fall on Friday instead of Monday.

Good things: Getting paid tomorrow! I have all sorts of hopes for my money. Those hopes will inevitably be dashed after I pay my bills and possibly buy a ticket to spend Passover with my mother, but still, it’s good to have dreams.


Annoying things: One of my work responsibilities is proofing the weekly event email that goes out to our members, and I realized today that my changes are being ignored. Why am I wasting my time proofing this thing?

How are you getting through until the weekend? Who’s doing anything exciting?

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