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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Almost there...

It's officially a matter of days until my commencement! It's bitter sweet. I'm not graduating this year (I've come to terms with my 5th year senior status), just walking. On the other hand, all of my friends are leaving and starting a new chapter in their lives. A lot of them will still be in the area, which is great. It's just kinda sad to see people move on while you're still in the same place.

I'm both dreading it and looking forward to it. I'm anxious about the details (like my parents getting to the ceremony on time...they almost weren't going to come), and I'm trying to send out all the announcements and pictures (which came out great! Well, the gown they used was a size big, and I'm a size extra petite, so I looked like Harry Potter). I'm looking forward to it because the last graduation I was at (high school) was a blur. I had just gotten out of the hospital the day before, and was high on painkillers. When the valedictorian mentioned me in her speech, I got up expecting my diploma. So...hoping for no repeats of being high for the ceremony. Not likely!


Then I get a week of summer before I have to go back. Literally, my entire summer is going to be spent inside a sweltering classroom. But I'll have walked, and it's all a step towards my official diploma!

Also a plus: I never have to see the creepy, harassing, sexist asshole who has been bugging me lately! So long buddy, take your misogyny and hands somewhere else!

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