Now that the Oscars are done, I'm going to watch True Detective and then come back to this thread and pontificate about it. You can join me by pontificating in the comments. GIFS highly welcome.

There will likely be Oscars spoilers (maybe?), so y'know. Beware.

And I mow my own goddamn lawn.

ETA: IT WAS THE LAWNMOWER MAN. HOLY FUCK. I thought maybe, and the internet was all 'he's scarred under the beard'. YEP. YEPPERS.

Also I need a gif of Cohle's cigarette salute. He and Marty were hilarious as buddy cops.


ETA 2: I think the moral of True Detective is clearly: Always mow your own lawn.

ETA 3: Sadly non embeddable, this Supercut of Rust's Philosophical Ramblings is beauty.