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Alright, FINE. I give in.

Ok, ok. Even though I said I wouldn't, I've changed to a holiday name. APPARENTLY I AM A FOLLOWER AFTER ALL.

I'm still not sure if I like "pink peppermint" better or "peppermint pink" better. Thoughts?


If I'd had room, I'd have made it: Professor Pink Peppermint Prefers Pretty Presents. <3

Edit: McUncool says it's not holiday enough. And we all know he is the arbiter of all things Christmas. His suggestion was Professor Pink Christmas Tree (and it does so happen that I own a pink Christmas tree—I'm sure no one is surprised!). I countered with Pink Peppermint Candy Cane, which he said was "not bad." So now I'm continuing to mull over my options.

Edit #2: Switched it up. Professor Peppermint Pink it is. I cannot give McUncool the satisfaction of taking his suggestion now that he's tone policed me.


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