Judge away. This is a judgement of judgement free zone.

I'm having a crabby Tuesday and my judgmental is in overload so I'll start.

People say anything along the lines of "I'm not a feminist. I'm for equality."

When someone tells me all their money problems but all of their money problems are their own doing. IE trying to get pregnant, buying a brand new car, and buying a house when you don't have a job and now you can't pay the mortgage and are barely getting by.

Any wedding I go to where the budget was cut only in regard to the guests but not at all for the bride and groom.

ETA: Another one!

When someone posts on social media about having a migraine. I've only ever had a handful of them in my life but I could not imagine being able to even glance at a computer screen more less make a post to Facebook about my supposed 4 day migraine. That and if I had a migraine for more than 24 hours I would be in a hospital.