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Welcome To The Bitchery

Alright, Mid-Thirties, Let's see what you got

My birthday is in about a week and a half and I’m weirdly looking forward to it. My husband and I are headed up north sans children for a race and hopefully we can get uninterrupted sleep and warm meals. 32 has been a pretty rough year for me on every front so I’m hoping 33 has some good surprises in store. I’ve worked my ass off this year - someday this has got to pay off.

I always like to make goals for myself in both January and my birthday in October - just kind of a dorky final reminder that the year is winding down and I better work harder to get it all done. I’m having an emotional morning going through the checklist and seeing what I accomplished, was unable to accomplish - whether it was from my abilities or other people being shitheads - and I’m making up action plans on how I’m going to finish up the year.


By Dec 31st I hope to:

  • make some sort GOOD of movement, professionally
  • have an idea of where my husband and I are going to live for the next 5 years
  • figure out if I should have/want a 3rd babeh
  • finish a couple of knitting projects
  • lose that last 7 lbs of baby weight
  • learn how to crochet a granny square without screaming
  • have friends over at least once a month because it makes me feel happy
  • get Christmas photos taken NOT on Dec. 23rd
  • get the stupid Christmas cards mailed out like an actual adult and not let them sit on my ‘to-do’ list forever
  • learn how to bake bread as well as my husband

Anybody else make goals for the year?

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