Help me figure out what kind of car I want. I don’t know how to car. (Please x-post to Oppo if you can!)

Aside from my 2001 Saturn which lived with me for a solid 12 years, I’ve only driven beaters. Now it’s time for me to adult with a real, reliable, Adultmobile that is actually safe and not just a disaster waiting to happen.

Here’s what I’ve whittled my important bits down to: Something 2010 or later and basically the car version of me. Tiny person friendly (I’m a hair under 5’0), super efficient with both space and fuel, a workhorse when it needs to be, and gadgety.

I don’t want a coupe, because the few times I do need to drive with other people in the car it’s kind of a pain in the butt to shift the seats (I’ve been the sober cab more times than I can count, and drunk people and coupes don’t mix). I’d prefer a hatchback of some sort just because I’d like the ability to haul some things if I ever find something I like when thrift shopping. I don’t drive very hard, but it does snow like 8 months out of the year here so it’s gotta be able to handle icy roads. I’d prefer to stay in the $10-20k range, which is a big range, but suffice it to say I don’t want to spend a year’s salary on a car. But that’s all I really know of what I want/don’t want.


Does anyone know what fits this profile? Gah, I just want something not old enough to drive itself!