...one of mine is studying for Year Ten exams, and has come up with the most amazing study technique.

Forget note-taking.

See you later mind maps.

Thanks for coming mnemonic devices.

Interpretive modern dance study is where it's at.

A friend and her fine self decided to make up the most spirit fingeresque way to study, and after a demonstration last night, I am in awe. In a few minutes, I learnt how fast light travels, the life cycle of three types of star, Newton's three laws of physics, and how rivers and deltas form.

Oxbow lakes have never been so fabulous.

Middle daughter is off on Cub Scout camp for the weekend, bravely facing up to her concern about Long Drop Toilets and what may like to live down them AND LAUNCH THEMSELVES AT HER BARE BUM.


Littlest daughter has apparently gone to Button Moon, and a robot is here in her place to keep me company. "Droclate is my petrol Mummy BEEP my battrees are puffed out BEEP BOOP I eat dogs too [pretends to lick bemused dog*] NOM NOM NOM now your dog is deaded HA HA HA I build anudder with my robot hands a better one that is pretty and not stinky BOOP".

*may have actually licked dog.