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Also posted this on Making. Looking for help in all the places

Y'all can ignore it iffin you want- but I know there are a lot of crafters who don'y follow Making and I am driving myself nuts.

I'm almost- finally- done with my queen size cable blanket. And this gorgeousity is next. And bonus points- it's going to be for me! Me! Woo! No hundreds of hours of labor to be washed and blocked and wrapped up and given away! just a mile or so of easy, peasy, squishy garter stitch. So. Excited.


Buuuuut- (and this is what happens to me when I'm crafting for myself.) I cannot for the life of me figure out what sort of color scheme I want to use. I had originally thought about monkey-ing with the number/width of the stripes and making a rainbow chevron. The first incarnation was using two shades of each hue and ending with two different violets in the corners. And then I kind of hated that idea. (mostly the two different colors in the corners. So that sent me on an absolute spiral through pinterest and various color palette websites trying to figure out what I like best ( I now have about 50 palette pins) And then when I think I've narrowed down a palette, then BoyHeathen was like- what about ombre? Didn't you say something about ombre like a few weeks ago? And Yeah- yeah I did.:(

So- Crowd source. Post up color palettes, combos that YOU would do, really any suggestions. I know I want to use at least 5/6 colors- but I got no problem using more. (I'm going to propose this as a Potions OWL for the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup on Ravelry. Because nerd) Help me Makers!

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