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!!!!!!! (alt. title: some men are just scum)

Reading this story on the mainpage (MRAs and hymen/purity idiocy), I am reminded of last week. My coworker and I drove to get a coffee because she needed to vent. Vent about what, you ask? Her husband who is an asshole.

They went to a friend’s house for dinner, and said friend’s neighbors popped by. Turns out the neighbor was an ex of my coworker’s. They didn’t say anything in the moment. He’d come in with his wife and kids. Very innocent. Coworker gets home and is like, “husband, listen to what a small world this is! That guy was my ex boyfriend!”

Husband goes off on her, about how she let him just “sit there clueless” the whole time. Like, what, was she supposed to warn him so he could beat the guy up, for previously fucking the woman he’s been married to for 7 years? Or what? He interrogates her about what kind of sex they had (she doesn’t want to talk about it), asks how many other dudes she’s fucked that he’s run into (none). Etc.


She told me that they have never really run into anyone from either of their lives before they knew each other, because they are both not where they grew up. So this has never happened before.

Days later, Husband goes to the dermatologist. Our other coworker’s husband works at this dermatologist’s office. My coworker says, “Did you see Thatdude? Isn’t he a nice guy?” Of course, Husband response with, “What did you fuck him too?”

She has only recently started confiding in me but I’m really rooting for her to GTFO. She’s been through a lot in her life and is strong and independent. She is not cool with being considered a possession. In the car, while chainsmoking, she was like, “I own that house. I own my car. I am the breadwinner. I’d be fine without him.”

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