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Alternative Teaching Licensure Programs - Has anybody done these?

I've always wanted to teach –that’s why I went to grad school but after realizing that higher ed wasn't going to be a really good option for someone in the humanities I started to really get into elementary ed. I used to be a SPED aide and I absolutely loved it but I had to quit because it was only part time, there was no chance of it ever moving to full time because of funding and I wasn't able to make ends meet – even with my second job. L That and the job was being cut the next year. I loved what I was doing and I thought I was really good at it. My supervising teacher thought so too and is sad I can’t work with her anymore.

I really want to work in a school again directly with children so I applied to TFA (yes, yes, boo on me whatever) because it’s a way for me to get an actual license while being paid a wage with which I can support my family. Last week I found out I wasn't accepted and just feel absolutely shitty about it. I know they get lots of qualified people but I guess I was hoping that after making it to the final round things were going to look up for me. Anyways, does anybody here have any experience with alternative licensure programs for teaching? TFA sent my info off to a couple of organizations and I got an email from College Possible and the Urban Teacher Center in DC/Baltimore area. I've been reading their websites and I've never heard of either of these programs.

Unrelated rant: My two recommenders sent me their LOR, which was very sweet (and totally unnecessary) and I’m feeling crappy because they both thought I’d be great at it too but one of them –a nurse I used to work with at an Easter Seals location really wrote an idiotic letter saying what a great mom I am. WTF? Why would she tell a potential employer that I’m a parent? Why didn't she focus on how great I was with the children there or how organized I was or what a great contribution to the office team I was? GAH!

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