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Always Keep An Open Mind: More Inane Bridesmaid Stuff

Buffer picture before picture of me in dress!

I went in to the bridesmaid appointment with two dress styles in mind. I had style numbers and everything.


The stylist brought me the two dresses. The first was fine, the second was a disaster. Then he showed me a different dress so that I could get an idea of the color in real life since the online dress colors can be way off. I didn't really care for the dress on the hanger but I thought, 'Why not? I get to see the color on my body.'

I loved it. It's not at all what I thought would look good on me. But it's lovely and best of all my sister, the bride, loves it!

The stylist put a belt on it in the same color to add some waist definition. Even more awesome than before. It's a very classic style that I can wear again too.


Tiny caveats before the big reveal: there is some boob weirdness because it's a sample and the corset wire is a bit off. When the dress is new, the wire will be smooth. So ignore the nipple craziness.

And now the big reveal!

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