Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Recently my Grandmother finally allowed the family to move my Grandfather into an assisted living facility, which we are all extremely thankful for, but things still aren't good. He's 93, has Alzheimer's, is generally just.... well, old.

Currently my mother is texting me about just how bad he's gotten. She's down there now to help with his transition into the new apartment. We visited recently, in August, and things were pretty bad then - he just barely recognized my brother and me then. But now, he thinks my mom is my Grandmother, doesn't remember he even has grandkids, and weeps when mom says her husband, his son, moved away from SLC 20 years ago. Because he doesn't remember it happened.


This really, really sucks guys. I love my Grandfather, he's been the beloved patriarch of our family (Irish-Catholic enough that my late Aunt, who was my godmother, was a nun. We don't mean patriarch in any sort of derogatory manner. He, for the most part, keeps us all out of trouble :D) for decades, he was the most encouraging and supportive father/grandfather when my parents decided to adopt, he's been there for me through everything, and now it's unlikely he'll even make it another year. I'd always just assumed he'd be around for my wedding, if not my kids. Silly ridiculous assumption, I know, we're already so grateful he's lived as long as he has, but it still makes me weepy.

Well, what with being furloughed, at least I'm not crying at work, eh?

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