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Am I a bad friend?

I feel like a bad friend because I've been basically M.I.A. lately.

I feel bad because I've barely seen, let alone contacted almost any of my friends lately. I'm not actively avoiding people at all, I'm just busy as hell. I'm moving in like 2 weeks, so Queen Fluffybutt and I are in the process of packing and scheduling people to go to the co-op to paint and redo the floors and all that fun stuff. My road test is on October 1 so I've been doing as many driving lessons as possible. I have school and work and therapy. In whatever free time I have, I'm trying to work out my shoulders, do my homework and sleep. Oh and eat (my dinner last night was 5 bites of leftover salad, 2 cold chicken nuggets and a cookie).

And it sucks because I haven't seen anyone. I went out on Friday for my friend's birthday and was half asleep the whole time. I know my friends are all dealing with shit, too and I feel bad that I'm not there to be of any use but like....fuck, man. I barely have time to eat!


Like today, it's class from 9:30-3:30, go home to do homework, work on shoulder, and shower. Then I have to be at work at 5 am tomorrow to open. One of my friends is bartending tomorrow night so I told her I'd go hang out at the bar. I do miss her and she's been trying to get me to hang out for weeks, but all I want to do when I have nothing to do is lie in bed and watch TV. Ugh.

So am I a shitty friend? Or am I just becoming an adult thing?

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