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Am I a bad kitty-momma?

Motto has been with us for a few days now and I find that sometimes I’m overwhelmed. Not by her, necessarily. She hasn’t misbehaved much (much less than one might expect) and she’s a general dream who only wants as many cuddles as I can offer.

But by the concept of the responsibility and worry. Am I challenging her enough? Am I getting her enough exercise? What do I need to teach her? Has she pooped? Am I giving her enough cuddles? What was that mew about? Does she need something? Is she happy? Am I happy?

The idea of having to make sure I play with her enough every day, make/buy toys to challenge her, give her enough effection etc. for the next many years seems suddenly overwhelming. I can’t even handle the idea of having her roam the hallway at night because she might wake me up and Ineed my snooze (especially these days)


Am I overthinking this? I really can’t tell. I want to be a good pet owner. Am I making this too hard? Boobieguy says I shouldn’t let her be the boss and should just chill out and do what I want and only do things when I want to do them and she’ll get used to it. I just don’t want her to be unhappy. Unhappy kitty’s are restless and badly behaved kitty’s.

On the positive side, yesterday she was laying on my lap and my controller died so instead of gaming I decided to watch Netflix instead because kitty! On the downside, I almost couldn’t go to bed because every time I got up she’d look at me with those big eyes asking for more petting and I couldn’t go! On the upside I hid a treat in a empty toilet roll today and she seemed to like it AND she got it out. Smart kitty 😊

Bonus kitty picture:

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