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Am I a curmudgeonly loner?

I told two of my close friends that I wanted to just chill at home and if they wanted to stop by,that’s cool or, I’m happy to have a nice NYE at home alone. I also said “Anytime after 9” because I knew I’d be puttering and cleaning all day and wanted to do it at a liesurely but thorough pace and that likely I wouldn’t be available until then.

One friend is pestering me to cover and ‘pre-funk’ with her for a show I have no interest in seeing and the other friend is pestering me to come over because ‘she has nothing else to do and blew off her other plans so she can comer over Right Now’ - two hours before time.

UGH what is wrong with my friends? I love them dearly but I thought I made it clear I needed lots of chill alone time this weekend because I’ve been working so much lately. I’ve seen them plenty but they both always seem to want to hang out with me more and I really love them both but also...they never seem TO SHUT UP...and will practically follow me into the bathroom when they are talking to me and I try to jesture because I certainly can’t get in an word in edge wise. I just want a little more peace before I deal with their onslaught. I just don’t even want to talk. I’m glad to have such attentive friends but, I like my alone time, to much maybe.


ETA: I ended up having a fabulous night after all! Freind A showed up around 9-ish and she patiently waited for me to finish primping, we had a couple of nice drinks at the local fancy restaurant by my house and then watch the fireworks from my building (I live right by the fireworks display in my city). After we went to meet Friend B at a crazy raver/burningman warehouse-office complex party (the building is slated to be torn down next week) which was also just blocks from my house and we all danced our bums off till 2 AM. Great music and cool people. My legs are sore from dancing so much.

So, I had a fabulous night after all my whining - but now have three glorious days of no social obligations until Monday with work!


PS now on my second mimosa at 4 pm :)

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