Yesterday we were meeting my mother's friend at a local mall. I got from Orange Julius a 99 cent diet coke. It came to $1.08 with tax. So I took out a dollar then knowing I had a lot of change in my change section of my wallet, I unzipped the change section and thought. Thought a nickel and 3 pennies or do I have 8 pennies? I went with the 8 pennies, so I pulled each out, so I paid. Well the guy behind me shook his head and gave me a dirty look. I know my mother said I once held up a line buying gum for 99 cents pulling out the 4 pennies (3 quarters, 2 dimes and 4 pennies).

Maybe I am a tiny bit of a putz. Thoughts?

I also got at Burger King for 3 dollars 10 piece chicken nuggets and fries, I had a coupon. Not very good. Fries were better then the chicken.