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Am I a terrible person?

I had something weird happen to me yesterday. I went to a small get-together at a friends' house last night. I'm single, and my good friend Sally* is always trying to hook me up with single guys she knows. She's married and thinks I should be in a relationship, too, which is cool by me. So when I showed up at her house and saw an attractive guy looking at me and smiling, I thought that they had invited him to set me up with, and was super excited because he's hot — tall, skinny, has a nice face, and kept looking at me and smiling. Pretty quickly I decided that I wanted to make out with him. COOL!!!!!, I thought.

But, guess what? NOPE. He was the husband of one of Sally's friends who I am friends with as well. This "friend of a friend", Theresa*, is pretty cool and is someone I really like, though we've always hung out in a group setting and not by ourselves. I don't know her super well but she seems to be kind and fun to be around.


And I feel like shit because I now I'm crushing hard on her super-hot husband. It's been a while since I've experienced attraction like this, and the weird thing is that seemed totally mutual. It made me feel very uncomfortable, but on the other hand, talking to him gave me butterflies. From the way he was behaving, I think he felt that way, too.

Now I feel like SHIT because I'm fantasizing about stealing her husband away. Let me make it really clear — I would not actually make a move on him or allow him to make a move on me. I'm not into stealing husbands. Plus, they have kids. I would not involve myself breaking up a family. I won't, but I kind of want to, and it's making me feel terrible. And also sad, because why can't I find a single guy to be attracted to?

*All names have been changed.

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