I planned to go on a road trip this weekend for a friend’s birthday. Found out last week that that the birthday girl wants to leave at 8 AM Friday to catch the 9 AM ferry, which means taking time off work. Normally not hard for me, but this week it just doesn’t work, though I can get off early at around 3.

Birthday girl wants me to drive up later by myself and I just don’t want to. My shitty car constantly has the check engine light on and driving alone in Friday traffic just sounds unpleasant.

I’m fine with them going without me, but birthday girl can be quite unpleasant when plans change and I feel bad pissing her off on her bday.

Another point, should I still pitch in for the hotel? Me bailing would mean each person would pay $33 more total for the weekend, which I know they can afford, but is that a dick move?