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Am I an asshole?

I'm apartment hunting, looking for somewhere to live with my boyfriend and cat in July. On Tuesday I saw an ad for the coolest looking place EVER, at the top of our price range, in an awesome location. I called the rental company, and it was going to be available in June, but the agent said he would ask if July move-in was ok. He called back and left a message saying it was! I was so excited. I spoke to him the next day, and asked I could check out the place over the weekend. He said he doesn't show places outside of business hours but other people did and he'd call them and have one give me a call. so far, so good, right? Except no one called me, for two days. I called him at 4 today, told him I hadn't gotten a call, and asked if anyone was going to be able to show the place this weekend. He said "someone will call you by about 5". Ok! So, as you might guess, no one called me at 5. I called his office at around 5:30 and left a message telling him I had not gotten a call. Then I ended it with "so I want to know what's going on. Is this place still available? Are you going to show it not me or not? because now I have no appointment and you're gone for the weekend. I'd like you to call me as soon as you can. Actually, if there's anyone else working with rentals, I'd rather have that person call me back, because it seems like you're blowing smoke up my ass."

Later, I called a number for after-hours issues and got a guy on the phone who said he was in the sales part of the company and couldn't help, but he'd get in touch with the agent and have someone call me. Lo and behold about 20 minutes later someone did call me. He's not an agent, but he's a maintenance guy who can let us into the apartment in the afternoon tomorrow. I'm glad to see the place, but I feel bad that the maintenance guy has to do it. I hope it's not taking him too far out of his way. :/


So, I don't know, was I an asshole for leaving that message? I really do think the agent lied to me. If there was no agent available to show the place this weekend, why didn't he just call me and tell me? Why let me wait for a call that wan't coming? At the very least when I called him he should have let me know that no one was available, instead of telling me to wait for a call he knew wasn't coming. It especially annoys me because he knew when I called back after not receiving the call, he would already be gone. My boyfriend thinks I'm overreacting, though. I don't know, am I? Was that message kind of a dick move? I think maybe it was, but only in the sense that I should have said it to his face.

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