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Am I being crazy?

(If you want to get right to the nitty gritty, skip to the 5th paragraph) This situation is complicated. I've already posted a couple of dour, heart broken posts. This is the current situation. I'm seeing someone right now; we've been seeing each other for 9 months. We are not official, but we are exclusive. Like...we have both committed to not seeing other people. We always operated under the stipulation that if one of us were interested in seeing/talking to other people, we would tell the other person in no uncertain terms.

In the last couple months, the dynamic has changed—he's become a lot less romantic, a lot more distant, and communicates so differently, I seriously thought he was going to break up with me asap. But...he says things like he's happy we're still together, still hanging out. He's says he feels lucky to have met someone as sweet and amazing as me. The distance? We live about 30 minutes away from each other.

He has a friend, lets call her...Cindy. I really like Cindy. She is funny and cheerful and has been one of his very good friends—probably one of his best friends—for years (I should mention that a few months before getting with me, he'd been in a relationship with a girl he was crazy about for 5 years). I get their friendship because I have several with males just like that. I have never, ever felt threatened by their friendship.


Anyway, in 2015, the amt. of times that I get face to face time with my guy, lets call him 'Dood' has dipped. drastically. She does live much closer, and from what he tells me, it sounds like they hang out pretty often. Mainly at cafes and stuff. Which, you know, fine.

I have never, ever in my life checked a partner's phone, email, fb. Nothing. And I find myself feeling kinda loony because...I kinda want to. Yesterday, I was eating dinner with Dood, and he was looking at snapchat. We normally glance over his snapchat together, and I looked over...and you guys...I'm still not sure what exactly I saw because it was only for a second, but I think it was a girl, maybe in a towel, with her hair all over her face, and her hand in front of her face. I wasn't sure what I was looking at, so I laughed, "What is that?" And he closed out of it quickly (I can't tell if it's just my imagination that he did it hurriedly actually. i don't know. )and said, "Cindy".

I didn't want to sound naggy, suspicious, or crazy, so instead of just saying, "What was she doing?" or "was she in a towel?" I just dropped it. but....I couldn't stop thinking about it. Like a crazy person. You guys, it could really be innocent and I'm psycho, or...it could explain a lot?

She texts him pretty late too. That night, she texted him a few times, past midnight, and he glanced at his phone, and was sort of mutter reading out loud, and I think he mumbled, "Call me later..."


And it seems like he responds a lot more punctually...What I really want to see is if he texts her with a lot more humor, wit and friendliness than he does to me. The way he used to text me. I want to know if there is some weird chemistry bubbling up there. But I am mortified to ask, because...I don't want to appear jealous, or suspicious. And...what if he just lies to me? I never thought he would creep around. I feel like at this point, if something is going on between them, it's definitely all flirty and not physical. Are there any sneaky plans I can concoct to see if mischief is afoot?

I want to check their text thread. I cannot let myself stoop that low though. What else can I do?


But...at the same time, it is really strange to picture them romantically together. I can't see it.

Oh. And she unfollowed me on IG at some point. Really don't know what to make of that. I thought we really liked each other.

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