Perhaps the most perpetually laughed off examples of sexual assault is the type that occurs in “prank” form after someone passes out at a party. It’s something I’ve never been amused to be the victim of and fought against vociferously when I’ve seen people attempt to visit it on others. That’s a member of our community, I’ll say, who trusted us enough to fall asleep in our presence. Anything you do to them, you should prepare to get threefold from me while you’re wide awake. So go find some other way to entertain yourself.

It’s a violation of consent and bodily autonomy. And there’s currently a gleefully posted image of such an occurrence in this morning’s Dirt Bag.

For those who’d prefer not to follow the link, the image is of a sleeping man with his shirt pulled up and his pants pulled down. Dozens of lollipops have been stuck to his back, thighs, buttocks, and anal crevice.

I find it not only distasteful, but downright triggering. And I’m never triggered.