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am I being pearl-clutch-y...

...to worry about people becoming alcoholics? Like, I don’t necessarily know if I believe alcoholism is some disease to be cured with a 12-step program (this guy’s argument is pretty convincing), but any dependency is bad and can hurt people in your life, right? We all still think this?

This came to mind because I saw this article on my feed this morning. And honestly, my initial response was the following: I and lots of other people shower in the morning before work. I personally am a ridiculous lightweight - 1 craft beer like GreenHunk drinks (like Alpha Centauri, at 10% ABV) on an empty stomach could make me tipsy. That means if I followed this advice I would be going to work at least tipsy every day...and I think that sorta crosses into alcoholism territory. I think telling people to drink in the shower is kind of terrible advice...maybe I’m overreacting?

But this is something I often think about, honestly. I mean, I drink, everyone I know drinks, and that isn’t a problem. But we all have those friends who seem to ALWAYS be drunk or drinking or both. And we’re in our 20s so people still act like it’s just partying to be gotten out of our systems or whatever. But...at what point do we start thinking, “This could be a problem”? Like...do we even think it is a problem anymore? Because sometimes I feel like a lot of people I know act like alcoholism isn’t a thing. Maybe I’m just overly cautious because of my religious upbringing?


I should note that I’ve never actually expressed concerns to anyone I know about their drinking, nor would I unless I really thought they would listen. It’s more like I’m just...weirded out by this cultural thing where everyone around me seems to think that drinking is all good, all the time, and I see it as more, fine, but also potentially kind of dangerous.

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