I'm house sitting at a house where I've been before. Because I've been there before, my computer and my phone normally automatically connect to their Wi-Fi. Today (first full day of house sitting) they didn't autoconnect so I sent the homeowner (who has also been my boss on a few freelance jobs) an email asking about the interwebs with an apology for asking about something so low-priority while they were on vacation.

Her husband sent me back a picture of the back of the new box with the password but no text. Like no 'Here you go' or 'This is the new box', nothing. Now I'm freaking out thinking I've annoyed them for asking.

Should I apologize? Would you think your house sitter was being rude for asking? Is this a dumb thing for me to be worried about?


If I was rude, how do I go about apologizing without being even more annoying?

ETA: I'm not asking so you all can tell me I wasn't rude. Please give me your most honest read of the situation. This lady is my sometimes boss. I'd rather she not be pissed at me.