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Am I confusing punkish behavior with confidence?

My mother loooooooooooovvvvvves these two brothers on HGTV. Property Brothers or as I call them punks. They always brag how good they are and how each is better then their brother. No each brother has different skill sets which they could aquire if they want. No humility at all.

My therapist who I adore actually said “you could be more punkish”. I said “what’s wrong with humility and. one proves how good they are from actions not words”. She then said I am mixing confidence with punkishness. She then asked about if I told people I went to college I said “you, my parents and those that needed to know or asked, I posted I went and experiences but anonymously and never what I accomplished that would be bragging and punkishness”. She said “you spent how many years and would rather let people think you never went?”. Me “if they ask or they need to know I will tell them, otherwise it comes across as punkish especially if the person you are talking to never went and wished they had I do not want to make a person feel regret or bad”. She said “be a punk since you are mixing punkishness and confidence”.

So disheartened I told my mother thinking she would agree with her only child. Did she? Nope. She said “be a punk”. She agreed I am mixing confidence and punkishness and believing in being humble will just get you walked on.


I despise bragging. My father always bragged how he taught college, owned a business and college he went. Did and does not brag about the various women he had affairs with when he was with his wife, my mother or bragging about how he told my mother he was working late but was carrying on with affairS. This was when I was young for the latter part. He lives away.now. He just bragged about things that he percieved would make him look good.

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