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For wanting to knit this sweater?


Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s over at Ravelry, the Arrowhead Cardigan, and I want it so badly! There are a few problems with this plan:

  • I’ve never knitted anything Fair Isle before, no changing colors at all, actually, I’ve mostly done cable work and lace.
  • It’s summer and hot and humid, but if I want to wear this in the winter I should probably get started on it nowish.
  • I’m supposed to be making a wedding gift, but I really don’t feel like it.

I know that I’m supposed to start a new skill with a smaller project, but that’s not really how I do. I’m more of a jump in with both feet-er.

Talk me out of it and/or into it and tell me about your projects. Oh, and there’s a woman on the Ravelry page wearing this sweater that looks like Audrina Patridge... she looks fantastic, but I don’t know if reposting those pics is OK. (These are from Imperial Yarn.) Anyone with a Ravelry account seeing what I’m seeing? Is nobleneedle Audrina Patridge’s mom? What a mystery!!

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