Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So we have a newish super in the building. Apparently he likes the hallway windows to stay closed. It’s summer time and this building is in no way climate controlled. Also, I live down the hall from an animal hoarder who does not clean their litter boxes. So I open the hallway windows as often as I can in an attempt to keep Casa Urine Smell from pervading my apartment. For the past couple weeks he’s been coming by and closing them every day and I keep opening them. I have no idea why he feels so strongly about this and also question why as he comes by to shut the windows he doesn’t smell the hoarder and ask questions there...

But today, today I discovered the super has SCREWED THE WINDOWS SHUT!

Naturally I unscrewed one and opened it. I couldn’t get the screws out of the other one though dammit.


But am I crazy* that this is something of a fire code violation? There isn’t a fire escape from the hall windows (actually there isn’t a fire escape on the building at all) but uh if there’s a fire I can’t spending 15 minutes unscrewing windows.

*Yeah I know I’m crazy to be so annoyed about this and keep flouting his imaginary never publicized rule but holy shit.

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