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Am I crazy for doing this? Edited- you all are so wise!

So last month I dinged someone's bumper in the parking lot of a mechanic. I left my insurance info with the mechanic, because I'm not a turd and this is a good mechanic and I didn't want to get blackballed from their shop. The car owner finally called me. She is in the military, and her car was only at that mechanic's shop because someone had rear ended her and his insurance dictated the repairs. So I feel bad. She just finished dealing with someone else's insurance and really doesn't want to do it again, and got an estimate of $300 to fix the damage. I did indeed make a crack in her bumper, verified by my mechanic when I told him I tapped her car. I've paid far more to fix my own bumper, with insurance no less. Am I crazy to just send her $300 and be done with it and not get insurance involved?

ETA: thank you all for the speedy reply and good advice! I think my deductible is like $500, so it is definitely worth it to just pay directly. I wasn't sure how to guarantee I would be done with this after I paid, and now I know! You are fabulous people who are awesome. Thank you!


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