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Am I crazy for finding this really offensive?

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I've already written and commented to them with no response, and I can't figure out if maybe its really not that big a deal and I'm just being real "Jez" about it. No one else seems to be bothered or have commented publicly.


Real Simple (whom I love!! it's like my favorite magazine) has posted the following multiple times on their Facebook:

The text of each post is:

Do you want to be a guest on Real Simple's newest podcast? Domestic Disturbances calls in a therapist and organizational expert to help a couple work through issues around the division of labor. If he always does the laundry wrong or she never schedules the kids' doctor appointments, we want to help. Listen to our first episode below, and submit your own story to podcastdd@gmail.com. You could be our next guest!


That's a fine idea for a podcast! But I really, really, really feel like "Domestic Disturbances" is a completely inappropriate and offensive name. Bickering with your partner over chores is NOT a domestic disturbance, and making a play on words about something that is a horrible, horrible crime seems so wrong. And it seems especially wrong if it is the type of crime that is often ignored and dismissed and minimalized as just being the typical, every day way things are between a couple. This seems to reinforce that idea. That fucking pink graphic with the cute little heart in a house is the EXACT VISUAL OPPOSITE OF WHAT A DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE IS.

Thoughts? Feel free to go and comment on their damn Facebook post linked above if you want, god knows they haven't been paying attention to me. Or feel free to tell me that I should stop being the embodiment of what every Kotaku reader thinks Jezzies are like...

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